What We Offer


The Loft is located on the second floor of the clubhouse at Sawmill Golf Course.


The building was constructed in the 1860s.


The original beams have been carefully restored, giving the room a rustic charm.


The facility is completely handicap accessible and seats up to 100 people

with plenty of room to dance.


The Loft offers a cozy, intimate setting, top quality catering, a fully stocked bar

and plenty of parking.


The Loft features a deck providing a scenic view of the garden and golf course.


As an outdoor option, our Pavilion is available from

Memorial Day through Labor Day

and seats 50-120 guests.


Our Guidelines


The Loft must be used in conjuction with our catering and is not available as a room rental only


The room is set up specifically for each event.

The number of people per table depends on how many people will be attending the event. 


Guests may bring in commercially made desserts only-no homemade food is permitted.


No outside alcohol is allowed on the premesis.


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